Hotmail Sign In Procedure

If can’t sign in to your or email account, or you’re not sure how to sign in, here are some solutions. Hotmail is considered to be one of the very first to provide the users with web-based email services. It has transformed the entire email experience in many ways from the time it started continuing to the present. Offering email services for free, this service has been effectively revamped by the software giant Microsoft.

Hotmail provides the user with a premier and free of cost web-based email service experience. At first, the users were dependent on the internet service providers or ISPs until the time they realized the free web-based email service experience through the applications such as Hotmail and Yahoo. Their applications were launched in the late nineties. The Hotmail sign in process at the start was very simple but had poor user interaction and had several security loopholes. Several steps were taken further to ensure that the customers could get a secure and responsive login experience.

One needs to follow certain steps and keep in mind few aspects in order to get a complete understanding of this service and make full use of it.

Following are certain aspects that should be kept in mind and the steps the user needs to follow:

The Initial Hotmail Sign In Procedure

In earlier times the procedure for signing in for the Hotmail account was simple with the following mention necessary steps:

  • Unique Username: The user following the registration process needs to choose a username that is unique.
  • Password: The user then needs to choose a password which further can be used during the login process. The users need not follow strict guidelines while choosing the password during early times.
  • Personal Details: The personal details consisted of some simple entries such as entering the First Name and Last Name. No other details were asked of the user as a part of personal details.
  • Optional Information: The optional information can be listed in a text box if the user wished to enter. Entering the details in the optional information textbox was not at all mandatory.

Changes proposed in Hotmail

Because of the several limitations of the Hotmail interface and sign up the process as a whole, there was an urgent need to propose some effective changes to make it better. Microsoft did all the required work after it acquired Hotmail. The Email service was now associated with MSN.

For login onto the MSN network, the following simple steps were taken:

  • Username and Password: There were two fields to be entered namely Username and Password.
  • Saving details for the future Login: There was also an option to save the username and password into the browser so that the user can directly log onto the account without the hassle of entering the username and passwords again and again.

Recovery of Hotmail account

The above-mentioned steps were very basic and effective and to add to its effectiveness a facility to recover the user’s account was also appended. It could be achieved using the following steps:

  • There was a link provided for the recovery of the password just below the login panel. The user needed to click onto the link in order to navigate onto the recovery page.
  • An alternate Email address was to be provided in the given text field where the password for the account would be sent.

Changes incorporated in the new Sign In process

The new process has the ease of the previous one along with the security measures that are added to the Hotmail domain. One the user types in the domain name in the URL and is directed to the Outlook login page.

Once the user is on the login page, the user needs to follow the following steps:

  • Common Login Panel: The offerings of the services by Microsoft can now be accessed using a common login for all. The user can log in to any Microsoft services that user holds the account for.
  • Email address/Username: The user then is required to enter the username/email address in the first field.
  • Password: The user is then redirected to the next page where one needs to enter the respective password the user entered at the time of registration.
  • Forgot Password Link: The user can also use the ‘forgot password’ link in case the user no longer remembers the previous password. This link is provided just below the login panel.
  • Stay Logged In: The user can use this feature to dodge the hassle of entering the username and password again and again while accessing the account multiple times.
  • Security Code: There is another feature added by Microsoft known as ‘Security Code’. This feature can be brought into action by activating it in the settings section of the Hotmail account. This in turns sends a security code to the registered mobile number of the user which the user needs to enter in order to access his/her account. This altogether removes the difficulty of remembering the passwords every time.

Other Features

Along with the above-mentioned features, Microsoft has introduced several other features to ensure that Hotmail can be accessed with ease and is more responsive. Some of them are as mentioned below:

  • Email Inbox features: The overall Email inbox has been revamped and reconstructed to add more ease to the access. With the modern inbox design that is offered as part of Outlook interface, one can conveniently create new emails and correspondence.
  • Retaining the old information: The new interface also ensures that the old information of the previous or old Hotmail users is retained and can be easily accessed onto this new platform.

New to Outlook?

If you are among the ones who wish to create a new Hotmail account with the new interface of Outlook, the process for the same is an easy one.

One can follow the following steps for the same:

  • Click on the link mentioned for the creation of the new account.
  • Once the user has clicked on the link, the user is redirected to a page with a form with several text fields.
  • Choose a unique Username for the account by entering the required username in the text field.
  • After this, the user needs to enter a password of his/her choice. This password should be remembered as it will be used along with the username for the login processes.
  • Once the account password is correctly entered and the system approves it, the user can move forward filling in the other remaining details.
  • The user also requires entering an alternate email address and mobile number for the same which is used as a part of two-step verification process as a part of security measures.

Note: The password that is entered should be alphanumeric and eight characters in size.

Security Measures

Security is something that is of utmost importance when it comes to the application that operates on World Wide Web. The new sign in the process thus is constructed in such a way that it has become more secure.

Following measures are taken to ensure the security of the same:

  • Strong Password: The user should ensure the use of strong passwords that contain a combination of alphabets as well as numeric.
  • Case Sensitive and Special Characters: The password should also involve the use of the Case Sensitive and Special Characters which in turn adds up to the strength of the password.
  • Alternate Email address and Registered Mobile Number: An Alternate Email address and registered mobile number are an integral part of the two-step verification process. This altogether helps in securing the account as well as recovering the password is lost.
  • Security Questions: There is another facility added to enhance the security named as Security Questions. These questions are to be answered during the registration process which can be used later as a part of account recovery or password recovery in case the password is lost.

Thus there are several advantages of the new domain over the previous domain. The new layout is more interactive and easy to use. The old users can access the new services provided by the Outlook interface using their Hotmail login details as well. Thus the changes in the Hotmail have made it more effective and easy to use.


How to Create Hotmail Account

how To create a account you have to create a Microsoft account. To do this, go to and create a new account. Hotmail is one of the popular and the most widely used internet email service launched in 1996 which can be accessed using the Microsoft outlook account. This account is the most commonly used platform to send and receive emails in the world. With the increase in the technologies and trends, large and small organizations have adapted to use this service as the integral part of the email exchanges. Microsoft has undergone diversified changes in recent days to improve the usability. When someone refers to outlook, one means to say that is a desktop or an email-based client which is used widely to enter the communication word of mail exchanges.

Hotmail offered some unique and independent features which made it a stock of eye. Creators of Hotmail differentiated it from one of the most running ISP of that time – AOL. The version was also known as MSN Hotmail. The newer technologies are getting this further to the new set of services and products designed to impress the end user and improve the experience on the windows platforms.

At the time of implementation of Hotmail, as it also significantly became the most trusted email exchange service, the technology increment interested people to choose the secured version of the same and leaving the rest. Outlook debuted way back on MS-DOS platform and didn’t get attention to the user until it was packaged with the new features and secure email transaction as in Hotmail. With every release on the Microsoft additional packages, both web and desktop clients of outlook gained their importance by linking them to third parties, securing networks, securing data and avoiding the data breach, phishing, validating incoming and outgoing emails and list goes on ending.


About Hotmail

Coming to the introduction, Hotmail was one of the oldest email exchange service launched in 1996, which provided free service of incoming and outgoing emails. This has led to the translation of the new technology as well as a bigger change in the people life. With a simple internet connection and a computer, people were readily into communication which in turn helped in making peer to peer communication model.

People from any part of the world can send a message or a business communication on a single tap and instantly. The change in the mode of communication not only helped bigger firms into business but also helped a simple man life to communicate with anyone in any part of the world. in today’s world, Hotmail, also known as Outlook, as Microsoft acquired the complete email service and transitioned into a new look.

This change not only resulted in the most widely used mail exchange service for companies and other areas of communication, other third-party firms also utilized its service to provide the end to end model of communication model between the channels. The limitations do not only extend to writing a simple email but also to send the copies of docs, photos, music and other files and exchange between peer to peer in just seconds of the time. Hotmail, now popularly known as Outlook also provides its interactions with all third-party channels like Skype, Xbox, and other communication services.

How to create Hotmail account

Creating a Hotmail account is a super easy process and involves following steps:

  • The user has to navigate to or in a web browser. The browser you can use can be anyone available in the market ranging from chrome, firefox, safari.
  • The above-mentioned process can be utilized on a computer or any of the mobile devices, with just the internet connection in place.
  • Once tried to navigate to the URL, the user is navigated to outlook sign in page.
  • The user here has to enter his user id and password and can click on sign in to enter the outlook email web page.
  • If the user is not registered already, he/she needs to register himself, and on the sign in page, the user needs to click on ‘create a new account’ option. It is usually present on the top right corner of the Microsoft outlook page.

On the creation of account page, the user needs to enter the required details:

  • Firstly you would need to enter the preferred email id in the first text present on the page.
  • The user once enters the preferred login, and the user will be able to choose the domain from the drop-down. If the user selects as the domain from the drop-down, the email id will be present as (selected or preferred user id) The chosen username should be unique as on registering.
  • The outlook will validate if any other person does not take the user id in the account.
  • If it is taken, you will be provided with an alert message to change the user id to something else and also will be provided with suggestions to choose from.
  • The next field you will be navigated to will be the password field, and the user will have to enter a password which will only be remembered by the user, and it should ideally contain 8 characters.
  • The user should be able to create a password with some caps, numbers and special characters to ensure the safety of his own email id. The password should be in such a way, it can be recalled easily when required by a user.
  • The next field comes as a ‘send a promotional email by Microsoft’ option, which is just below the password field. if the user is interested in receiving promotional emails, which will be promoting the products from Microsoft, the user can click on the checkbox. In case the user is not interested in the emails from the Microsoft regarding the promotions, the user can uncheck, and the user will not have emails from the Microsoft promoting their items.
  • On clicking the next button seen below the password field, the user navigates to the next page wherein user has to enter the first and last name, and the user can click on next button in blue color.
  • The next page will be related to the country or the region you belong to. There will be a box wherein user has the option to select the region or the country and region. The user can choose from the countries listed down in the drop-down and choose the country he belongs to.
  • Note: The outlook also has the facility to detect the location automatically, and the user doesn’t have to choose the selections from the dropdowns.
  • Next field is to select the birthdate where the user can choose the birthdate on the dropdowns of month, date and year. Once the user is able to choose from the dropdowns available.

Security Information

The next option is to add the security information. This is mainly to enable the security in the Hotmail account. This will also be helpful to prove you are the one looking to make a change to the Hotmail account. This is carried out as follows:

  • This service will link your phone number and which will allow you to set up security by verifying the phone no using the one time password to your phone number. You will need to enter the OTP (one-time password) you received on the phone no, to enable the safety of the account.
  • The next step is to verify the captcha present in the table and will enable to verify if you are not a machine. This is usually done to reduce the redundant usage of any account by automating many ids and creating thousands of accounts. Note: The letters are case sensitive, and user needs to enter them in the box present below. Also, the user, in case needs to hear the terms, also click on audio to listen to them and complete the process of entering a captcha. If the person is unable to read the code correctly, the user has the option to change the code by clicking on refresh button present near the captcha box.
  • Once the code is entered correctly, you can click on next.

Make a Hotmail Email Alias

After all pieces of information are entered, the user can create up to 10 aliases at a time. If a user needs to create new aliases, the below process needs to be followed:

  • You need to sign in the Hotmail account and click on the ‘your info’ button present in the header of the page.
  • On clicking the same, after navigating to the info page, you need to choose on the manage sign-in email address option which will be present on the email id for the account.
  • Clicking the manage your sign-in email or phone number option below the email id present for the account in info page, the user has to enter the email id in the address bar provided.
  • You can validate the alias created by clicking on the ‘add alias’ option, and the new email alias will be created and you will be intimated with the new account created by the email on the primary email id.

Usual problems in Hotmail Sign in

There are several problems one can encounter while performing a sign-in function using Hotmail. Some of them are as mentioned below:

  • If you have any troubles in logging through the outlook or Hotmail account, which usually happens when the user has some accounts, and the user has forgotten the password. This can be corrected by resetting the password and again validating the user can log in to the account. Resetting of the password can be done by using the steps as mentioned.
  • Navigating to Hotmail sign in page and selecting the option or clicking on the link – forgot the password. This on clicking will navigate to the new page, wherein you need to go through a process and follow the steps to reset the password.
  • Once the user clicks on forget password – the user is navigated to – password reset page and choose the option why you want to change the password. You will be on the page, asked to enter the email id registered with the outlook and also the captcha characters you will be able to see on the screen needs to be entered on the page.
  • On clicking next, the user will be allowed to validate the security info of the Hotmail account and will receive the password on the phone no. On receiving the OTP, the user can enter the same in the text provided and then will get access to create a new password.
  • The caps lock should always be in caps off mode, the Hotmail account will not be accessible in case the caps are on, and user needs to enter the password once again.

New device sign in

If you need to enter the Hotmail account into some new devices and you opt to use the phone when on remote availability, Microsoft might not allow using the account. This is because, it always keeps a track of the unusual sign in, even in case the password entered is correct. This will not allow you to gain access to the inbox.

To get this access, you might need to go through some justifications to provide the details to prove that you are real and also provide the sign in access from the device you will be using to get the access to the inbox.


Hotmail Sign Up

Therefore, in case if you’re looking to Hotmail Sign up account, here’s a step by step guide which explains you the process. Hotmail is a web-based email service that was Launched by Microsoft in the year 1996. The Hotmail became one of the first email services that were free for its users. Hotmail got its name because it contained the letters “HTML.” Let us know more about how to Hotmail sign up process:


Sign Up Process for Hotmail

Hotmail is the oldest and most popular free web-based email service. Microsoft gave it a totally new form by converting Hotmail to But still, you get an option to use Hotmail like before. You can still create a Hotmail account and sign in to Hotmail just like previous times.


Conversion of Hotmail to Outlook

Microsoft converted all the Hotmail users to in the year 2013. Since then, Microsoft rebranded Hotmail to All its old users were allowed to keep their email address.

They can log in their Hotmail email from going to web page and then sign in using their own old email address having as the extension. New users at also have an option to create their email using They simply can do so by logging in to Microsoft outlook sign up page.


Significance of Hotmail

Many people are still using Hotmail email account and many want their new email account also to be having Because people are sentimentally connected to Hotmail. Since Hotmail is the first free web-based email service and hence brought a new revolution in the field of technology and especially for emails, people want to be connected to it due to nostalgia or loyalty towards Hotmail.

People love to be a part of this oldest email service. Also as it is now integrated with, many new features are added to Hotmail also.


Create an Hotmail Account

Creation of Hotmail account is an easy process. It is fast as well. Hotmail is free and promises to be free for a lifetime. Hotmail’s transition to Microsoft added many new features to it which you can try and enjoy. Microsoft also allows Hotmail account for access to its web services like Skype, Xbox Live, OneDrive, etc. The step by step guide to creating a new Hotmail account is described below:

  • Open your web browser and in the URL box, type
  • On searching, you will be directed to sign in page or Microsoft Live sign-in page. Since Microsoft converted Hotmail to, there is a particular web page of for signing up for a new account or logging in an existing Hotmail account. But you may create new Hotmail account using sign in the page.
  • Go to “Create new account” option by clicking on it. This will take you to Microsoft create account page.
  • The new screen will have a space for creating a new email address for you and its password.
  • Place the cursor on new email space and click on it to write a new email address that you want. The email address entered by you should be unique and not be taken by someone else previously. If your email account name is not unique, then Hotmail will reject that email account name and ask you to change it.
  • After finding a unique email address, you get an option to chose either or domain. But since you want to create a Hotmail account select option.
  • After creating the email address, move the cursor to the below space that asks your password. Type your password there. Microsoft allows only those passwords that have at least one uppercase, one number and one special character contained in it. It is important as this makes your password strong.
  • After successfully filling the above two options, click on next option.
  • A signup form will open which will ask you your details. You need to fill them to create a Hotmail account.


The Procedure to Fill the Form of Hotmail Sign Up

  1. The personal details form will ask for your first name, middle name, and the last name. After this, it asks your date of birth. You now have to choose the country you live in from a drop-down list having the name of all the nations. After successfully filling these details, click on next option.
  2. After asking for the personal information, Microsoft checks that you are not a robot trying to sign up and hence it asks you to decode a CAPTCHA. CAPTCHA is an image that contains several letters of alphabets or numbers written in an unorganized manner.
  3. You need to recognize these and then write them correctly in the space provided. Be sure to write uppercase letters in upper case and lower case letters in lower case as these captchas are case sensitive.
  4. If the captcha given to you is tough and you cannot recognize one or more letters of it, then you have an option to change captcha. By choosing this option, you get an entirely new captcha to decode. After completely writing the captcha, you may proceed to next page.
  5. Microsoft then takes you to Outlook welcome page to create your own mailbox.
  6. You will now see a right arrow, click that to add more details to your Hotmail account. You now have to choose Hotmail language. Language has a drop-down menu which has many languages.
  7. You can select your preferred language for Hotmail account.
  8. Then you will be asked to choose the time zone of your region. Select it correctly and move to next section by clicking on the right arrow key.
  9. Next page will let you personalize your Hotmail screen. It will give you an option to choose Hotmail inbox theme and display options. Microsoft gives you an option of over 50 display variations to choose from. You can choose any of these and then click the right arrow key to move to the next page.
  10. The next option will for adding your signature. You may write your name, name initials, designation or whatever you wish. This signature will come at the end of every email that you send using your Hotmail email address. You may also skip this step if you want to.

You are then asked to press “Let’s go” option. Clicking that makes your Hotmail inbox creation successful. Now your MSN Hotmail account is ready and can be used as your email account. You can also access all the Microsoft web services like Skype, Microsoft Office, OneNote, Xbox, OneDrive etc. using this Hotmail account.